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"There is nothing more fierce than a person who refuses to fail."
- Christina Ciaccio

founder Ciaccio Agency

My Story

I started from nothing.


A single mom with two little girls, I found myself penniless and desperate, and a victim of domestic violence.

I started Mindful Cupcakes, a healthy bakery, waitressing during the day and baking at night. My deliveries would start at 6 am after a long night of baking, dropping my daughters off at school by 8, and then heading to the cafe I worked at around 10.

PERSEVERANCE is the only word that can explain how I did it.


I just knew I had to keep going, keep dreaming, and finally one day I had a break.

This break was Whole Foods.


Mindful Cupcakes was already selling out in the local coffee shops in Reno, NV but when Whole Foods decided to bring them on everything changed.

This was it. Within a month Christina landed an investor, hired a few employees, and the rest was history.


The hours got longer, but within the next few years, I grew to over 30 Wholesale accounts, a retail store, and a production kitchen.

Finally achieving a 38 store Whole Foods roll out, 3 days after the initial "YES" our world was locked down from Covid-19.


"There was nothing they could do. No one knew what was going to happen and all expansions, new products, etc were put on hold."


Restaurants were closing in the area and the kitchen space I leased was temporary shut down. I had to make a choice.

I decided to move back to California. Back to my roots.  Within a year the the Ciaccio Agency was born and my new mission began.

The 10 years before:

Christina has spent over a decade in the following industries:


Food Industry

New product Development

Brand Development


Music Industry


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