Most entrepreneurs are so overwhelmed with the day to day operations of a business, their marketing suffers. Let's face it, marketing is a full time job if you're doing it right.

As a serial entrepreneur I have been on the front lines of start ups, I have cycled businesses, and I have experienced growth and success.

What is the biggest challenge you're facing as an entrepreneur in today's economy?

Between Covid and the ever growing online marketplace, whether you're launching a new business, or you have been in business for decades, the world is not the same as it used to be.

When you start to focus on your marketing, some amazing things can happen.

Your story becomes solid. People love to know the story behind the brand. That's how they connect to your product or service.

That's what makes them want to jump up and say, YES!!!!

What's the biggest challenge for you when you're creating your story?

Understanding how to relate to your target client?

Pinpointing who your target customer is?

Share with us what you're stuck on!

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