Go get some sun

I find myself working from 7 to 4 lately, non stop in front of my laptop, blue light glasses on, curled up in my office chair. Go ahead and stop the vision of me cuddling with a blanket in a padded, comfy office chair. Nope! This chair would be made of wood, with a simple cushion on the seat.

One day I will upgrade, but until then, it's not exactly comfortable.

Yesterday, I literally had to pry my fingers off of the keyboard to run up to the family ranch a few miles away. I didn't want to leave my desk and I really hadn't left it for weeks. As soon as I stepped out into the sunshine, I knew there was a kink in my work habits. I felt instantly refreshed. The weariness had started to disappear and the stress, well what stress?

We often find ourselves stuck in the grind, and even if we make our own schedules or work remotely, the feeling of being unproductive can hit us hard anytime we decide to take a break.

Breaks are important and after a few hours of sunshine I was able to go back to work feeling that much more motivated. I'm sure my body was thanking me for the much needed Vit. D also!

Take care of yourselves, your health, your family, and don't forget that life is still short, no matter how productive we are.

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