Sometimes it's the piggy bank that saves us.

What entrepreneur hasn't had those moments when it was time to get the ol' jar of coins out. Dinner is dinner and. money is money. No shame, no gain, we just do what we gotta do.

The old saying (or maybe new saying) is that the line between poverty and riches is very thin. You can have nothing one day and then figure out the right path, right idea, to get you on the track of success. Coming from nothing doesn't matter these days. Having nothing now is only temporary and should never define you.

More and more successful business owners are coming forward to share their stories. Share how once their mindset changed, so did their finances. Once that do or die work ethic comes into play, the wheels are in motion. Don't let those wheels stop, because that's when we're back to counting quarters to pay for dinner.

It happens... and it's happened to me more than I'd like to count but it usually is the lighter underneath my butt that gets my creative mind going. "How can I get out of this? What am I missing and what am I doing wrong"?

There is always a light in the dark waiting for you to simply find the switch and turn it on. In our darkest moments is where our true genius comes ton light. Stay positive, keep the faith, and always keep a jar of coins around, just in case.

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