Target Market or die

You hear the question all the time. You think you know the answer, but do your numbers agree? I wish it were as easy as "Males, between the ages of 25 and 40, sports enthusiasts", blah blah blah.

Most companies are pretty off base when you ask them who they're selling too. Yes, I know, that's a bold statement to make. I know this from experience because I used to be one of them.

Ok, down to business. I know your time is valuable and if you're reading this, it's probably a speed read between pulling your hair out over your day to day tasks.

Target Market- Let's make this easy and bullet point it for you to think about later.

  • One person- one Avatar

  • Give his/her a name

  • How about a story? They have a life right, so that means a story to go along with it.

  • Kids? Single? Divorced? Retired?

  • Whats their favorite color? Favorite food? Thai food or mashed potatoes?

  • What's a day in their life look like?

  • What issues do they run into every single day?

  • What would make their life easier?

  • Why do they need your product/service?

  • What would make then SCREAM, YES!!!! That's what I've been looking for in my life?

Ok, now Go! You don't have a lot of time and you need to re-visit your Avatar today and if you don't have one, go bring him/her to life.

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